About The Indigo Quill
Hi there, I'm Lis Ann. I've been blogging ever since my parents got dial-up AOL in the 4th grade. Except back then it was called an online diary (Open Diary, anyone?). I've loved books ever since my brother encouraged me to read my first chapter book when I was about 6. When I was in elementary school, I would often stay inside during recess so I could spend time writing stories with my best friend or finishing the book I picked up from the library that morning. Mix those elements together for roughly 18 years and you've got a book review blogger.

Add in the inevitable acceptance that you may never truly stop believing in fairies, and you've also got a Children's Librarian. 

I began this journey blindly with a love for books in my heart and plenty of opinions in my mind as to what makes good writing. Within the first few weeks it kind of did something unexpected...it erupted (in a good way)! It was like I woke up one day and was suddenly connected to all these authors and publishers who wanted to work with me. As The Indigo Quill grows and improves, I am getting a clearer picture of what my goals are and how I can be an aid in promoting quality literature to all of you.

I hope to make this a place of creativity and friendship. I know there are many authors trying to tell their story, and I hope that I may lend a hand in your success!
About Me

Lis Ann (Owner) - I'm a Youth Services Librarian and state-of-the-art bibliophile. In case you're wondering, Lis Ann is pronounced like Lisa without the 'a'. I'm 30 years young and currently reside in the magical land of Tennessee, but my true habitat is America's High Five (that would be Michigan for those less geographically inclined). My degree pursuit was in English & Literature with a minor in Music and I'm in the planning stages of heading to Graduate School to obtain my Masters in Library & Information Science (I mean, the abbreviation is MLIS, the degree totally has my name on it). On the side, I also work as a Cosmetologist.

In my free time, I venture into used bookstores where I spend way too much time and money, collect Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Editions, and attend festivals and events where I meet local authors who I help network and encourage to perfect their craft. 

My other hobbies consist of painting, perfecting my herbal tea recipes, rockhounding, conjuring loose incense, observing the cosmos, and hiking, kayaking, & camping as much as I possibly can. I also have a slight obsession with learning useless information that I will likely never use (I'm kind of a science nerd). I kill it at Trivia Night!

I have membership in the following:

  • American Library Association
  • Young Adult Library Services Association
  • Association for Library Service to Children
  • Tennessee Library Association
  • Public Library Association
  • Friends of the Library
  • Writers Guild
  • The Mars Generation
Thanks for stopping by! 

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