Review: The Lore of the Forest

The Lore of the Forest The Lore of the Forest by Alexander Porteous
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Searching for solid information about this book was a little difficult, as it's listed under multiple publication dates and titles. To set the record straight, it's original publication was in 1928 by Scottish author Alexander Porteous. You may also find it under the titles, "The Forest in Folklore and Mythology" (2001) and "Forest Folklore, Mythology and Romance" (2006).

For enthusiasts and scholars interested in the origins of folklore, this lovely compendium of history's most mystical tales emerge from the depths of the forest. The stories surround the lore of trees and the importance they've held to cultures of the past. Trees have often been viewed with reverence, fear, and mystery while upholding various roles within the spirituality of people.

This isn't an exegesis of myth, it is a comprehensive collection. The stories are short and disconnected, some more rounded than others. Also, keep in mind this title was written in the 1920s; it's delivered in old-English and directed toward a European-American audience. At times it may seem dry, but I did not pick this book up for any other reason than curiosity, so I enjoyed every moment of it.

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