Summer Reading Wrap Up

You may have noticed a pattern of silence during the Summers on the blog. I became the director of Youth Services two years ago, which means I'm the lone ranger in charge of everything to do with library patrons between the ages of 0 and early 20's. This year, I felt like I had that break through in my career where it all finally just "clicked," and our library experienced its most successful Summer yet. 
There is an old African Proverb that says, "it takes a village to raise a child." I found this to be true with the generous amount of sponsors, volunteers, educators, and families who committed to promoting literacy this year with me. With this momentum, I feel like it's time to expand The Indigo Quill to provide more than just spotlights and reviews. Partially because I want to connect with other librarians, and because I have less time to sit down and write reviews as thoroughly as before. I spend a lot of time rating books that come across my desk, so I will definitely be posting ratings at the very least.

With that, I have an exciting announcement! My Teen Advisory Board will soon be bringing you Young Adult book reviews for teens, from teens! Most of my Teen programs end with everyone discussing the books they've been reading and how much they love or hate them. I'll be adding an entire segment dedicated to my teens' work and unabridged opinions, while teaching them how to write for the book review world. I'm raisin' little book reviewers!

So as we gear up for our next chapter, I'd like to celebrate some of the awesome programs we did this Summer:
Teen Henna Party                                                
Constellation Boxes

Arnold Air Force Base's Discover Dome
An astronomy enthusiast and physics professor showing indirect solar viewing methods: 
And of course, our Harry Potter Escape Room. They made it out with 4 minutes to spare!

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