Review: The Bowtie Club featuring Sandra Boynton

I imagine the internal dialogue taking place in your head at this moment looks a bit like this:

Self: Self, why is a book review blog featuring bow ties?

Have you ever read this book:

Or this one:

Or feasted your eyes on this cutie on the back of a milk carton a time or two?

Or perhaps you have a mother like mine who never fails to post this on your Facebook wall every year for your birthday (I'm not complaining, it gets me every time!):
Then you've been exposed to the wonderful world of Sandra Boynton. With over 65 million books and 500 million greeting cards sold, she is a staple piece in any Children's Librarian's repertoire (she's in mine!) and a shared favorite among youngsters everywhere. And now she has teamed up with an awesome company that makes the coolest bowties on the block, The Bowtie Club

In 1994, the club's founder, Kirk Hinckley, started the business after working at Brooks Brothers, Nordstroms, and Joseph Bank Clothiers. He felt the bow tie market was not up to par with the need of its consumers, so he wanted to provide high quality and affordable accessories that were available worldwide. The best part? They are all made and designed in America!

With a background of 20 years graphic design experience and a working artist, Hinckley's wife, Corinne, designs all of the bow ties (with the exception of the Sandra Boynton collection). What also makes them unique, is the raw silk is custom made into specified cloth. They sell the highest weight printed silk they know of, which allows more dye to be absorbed into the silk, creating brighter and more vivid colors. The heavier cloth also wears better, which is incredibly important for a fabric being worn close to the neck. Their rival brand, Hermes, makes ties with a 21 momme (unit of measurement for silk), while The Bow Tie Club exceeds them with 22 momme! That's pretty impressive!

With over 400 unique bow ties to choose from in 48 variations including pre-tied, clip-on, tie your own, longer neck, shorter neck, larger and smaller neck, diamond point, straight edge, and more, The Bow Tie Club offers the only full color catalog exclusively for bow ties in the world.

Now, the uniqueness and quality of these bow ties is no secret. Over the past 20 years, they have provided designs for some rather notable individuals including ambassadors, Congressmen, Supreme Court Justices, and even a couple Presidents! To name drop, you may find President Obama or San Fransisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum sporting these snazzy creations.

So if you're a bow tie wearer or have a young lad in your life who needs a classy and fun accessory, The Bow Tie Club is your one stop shop. The Sandra Boynton Collection is definitely full of keepsake designs worth checking out. The adjustable design works great for a growing youngin', and there are now adult bow ties to match in all styles and preferences! I received the "Spiffy Penguin" Kids Bow Tie and had my nephew model it for me.  And, of course, we had to get a silly picture in there, too:
Thank you Bow Tie Club and Sandra Boynton for sharing your treasury of creations!

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