Storytime: Going to the Circus

Ages 0-6.

Circus by Louis Ehlert
The Secret Circus by Johanna Wright
Sara Joins the Circus by Thera S. Callahan (optional)
Circus Shapes by Stuart J. Murphy

I thought I'd try something a little different and began storytime with the Hokey Pokey. Both the parents and kids enjoyed this one, and I got comments from people outside the children's department saying they wished they could've joined in on the fun (this is always a good sign)! 

BOOK Circus by Johanna Wright

BOOK The Secret Circus by Johanna Wright
Funny Clowns
Funny clowns, funny clowns,
Jump around, jump around
Sometimes making faces
Sometimes running races
Funny clowns, funny clowns
Funny clowns, funny clowns
Spin around, spin around
Sometimes with a big nose,
Sometimes with big toes
Funny clowns, funny clowns
Credit: Youth Literature

BOOK Sara Joins the Circus by Thera S. Callahan (optional...I ended up skipping this one)

BOOK Circus Shapes by Stuart J. Murphy 
I handed each child a shape and when they saw their shape in the book, they came up and stuck it to our magnetic white board. They got really excited when they identified their shapes and had their shining moment!


Bowling Buddies with Numbers
This is a fun little activity that includes counting and number recognition. We keep a set in the back so we can bring it out at any time. I encouraged kids to set the pins back up in numerical order.
Tight Rope
We tried this activity at our last Play Day program and I thought I'd try it at storytime. Since it's toddlers we're dealing with, I just put a long line of masking tape on the ground and created a big die to determine what you do to cross the tight rope (jump, wiggle, spin, stand on one leg, etc.). There were some pretty good wigglers!

To work those fine motor skills.

Printables via Homeschool Creations
Select Worksheets from this Circus Fun Preschool Pack. Namely, I took the Circus Story and the words to circle and put them together. I gave each child one so they could do the activity there or at home.

RECEPTION: Everyone really enjoyed the first book, including the parents. Circus Shapes was a good choice because it allowed a lot of interaction and shape recognition. Each child got excited when they saw their shape and were able to bring them up to the board. We have some brand new babies in the group, so attention was slim and that's why I cut out the third book. The activities were educational and fun enough, so we didn't really miss out on anything!

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