Storytime: Outer Space and the Solar System

This storytime was SO much fun to plan! Space is just so cool, no matter what age you are. I did this for our Pajama Storytime and our regular Racing to Read Storytime. The ages ranged from 0-6.

Sheep Blast Off! by Nancy Shaw
Papa, please get the moon for me by Eric Carle
A Brave Spaceboy by Dana Kessimakis Smith
How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers (optional)

I got the idea for this rhyme from a few different blogs, but the original version didn't really work with our space, so I altered it. Only about 3 of the lines stayed the same.

Up to the Ceiling
Up to the ceiling, (stretch both arms overhead)
Down so you’re small. (bend at waist and touch floor)
Right to the bookshelf (stretch arm to right)
Left to the wall. (stretch arm to left)
Right hand, left hand,
Turn them around. (spin hands around each other, 'wheels on the bus style')
Fold them together
And now sit down

BOOK Sheep Blast Off! by Nancy Shaw

BOOK Papa, please get the moon for me by Eric Carle
The Moon is Round
The moon is round
As round can be (draw circle around baby's face)
Two eyes, a nose,
And a mouth like me
(touch baby on eyes, nose, mouth and give a hug).

BOOK A Brave Spaceboy by Dana Kessimakis Smith

BOOK How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers (optional)
To "The Really Cool Space Team" by the GiggleBellies


Star Walk Kids app on the iPad $2.99
If you haven't used this app before, it's an absolute must. I have the adult version on my own phone because it's just so cool! In a nutshell, you can move your tablet or smartphone around and the app will show you where the stars/planets/satellites/etc. are in relation to where you're standing. 

Doodle on the Moon via mrprintables

Space Sensory Box via Life Over C's

Constellation Telescopes via The Homeschool Scientist
You can make your own, or use this printable to show them what constellations are what and poke the holes accordingly: Constellation Patterns


RECEPTION: Everyone LOVED the Star Walk Kids app. The parents kept asking me to write it down for them (usually I provide print outs of the apps I use and their prices, but I guess I forgot this time!). The kids had a lot fun with the parachute and even the sensory bin. This was probably my favorite storytime so far!

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