Review: Blood and Snow (Vol. 1-4) by RaShelle Workman

Title: Blood and Snow (Vol. 1-4)
Author: RaShelle Workman
Publisher: Polished Pen Press
Publication Date: August 1st, 2012
Pages: 244
Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance
Source: ARC from Publisher


Summary (from Goodreads): "Lips red as rubies, hair dark as night. Drink your true love's blood, become the Vampire, Snow White."


    This is a series of 12 volumes but I will be reviewing them in groups of 4. Overall, I have really been enjoying this series. At first it was strange when I finished the first volume at page 55, and I know some people aren't huge fans of how short they are, but I find it unique and refreshing. Instead of ending at a certain chapter, I can just end at the beginning of the next novelette. 

     Also, the style of writing. I like it. Instead of feeling like an adult trapped in a young girl's body, RaShelle Workman does well engaging me in the mind of an immature and hormonal 15 year old. For some reason a lot of people didn't like this, but I think becoming and identifying with your characters makes a good writer.

     Now for the overall storyline! I know I know, unfortunately with these YA vampire stories there are bound to be repeats of other vampire stories. But can you blame them for taking rules and knowledge of certain creatures that we all grew up with and applying them to their stories? We all know *something* happens to vampires in the sunlight, and generally they live for thousands of years because they aren't quite human. These authors do well to add their own little twists. I'm just glad we've steered away from them sleeping in coffins and not being able to get their pictures taken. 

     There were some things I could easily compare to Twilight but...do I dare say this? I think this has a much deeper storyline than Twilight ever did. Aside from the repeats, I have fallen in love with this twist of Snow White. The more I read, the more there was to learn. There were cliffhangers that kept me wanting to read more, and also made me have to stop and process what the heck was going on because I was straight up shocked. However, I think it would make a little more sense if Snow was a little older. There are times it just seems slightly out of place that she is 15 and her parents are leaving her unattended for long periods of time when she can't even drive. 

So far, I give it 4/5 Stars for the first 4 books. 

1. BLOOD AND SNOW: Snow White isn't an ordinary girl. She doesn't know that yet.

This has probably been my least favorite so far, but most first books in a series are spent lying down a foundation for the rest. You are introduced to the main character, Snow White, her seven dwarfs...I mean..."best friends" who all seem to have some kind of crush on her, and her BFF Cindy, who I am assuming represents Cinderella. Part of me liked how the romance began early in the book, the other part of me wished there was a little more back story to support it. The story didn't kick off until Snow White finally got bit.

2. REVENANT IN TRAINING: Snow has become something not quite human. She must discover how to live with the changes, hopefully without killing anyone.

The next installment elaborating on Snow's new life. Professor Pops begins training her, we see more of the adorable Gabe. Snow begins learning that there is a whole other world than what she is used to and there are many things she needs to learn to be prepared. We also learn more about the Vampire Queen, Professor Pops, and Kenmei. Volumes 1 and 2 almost could've been one book.

3. THE VAMPIRE CHRISTOPHER: Snow White craves blood. Especially the blood of her Hunter. But will drinking from him save or enslave her?

This is kind of where the story starts getting good. Workman starts throwing in some serious twists. And at this point, the reader is generally all for Gabe, but then there's the mysterious Hunter. I found myself wondering with Snow if he is just mastering his art, or is he genuine? Apparently he doesn't have the best reputation. Snow is on the fence between vampire and human. Will she choose to do things to become more human, or give into her bloodlust and slowly morph into a vampire?

4. BLOOD SOAKED PROMISES: Snow White must come to terms with her bloodlust. It's one thing to drink the blood of her Hunter, something else entirely to drink the blood of a human.

What the french toast?!?! So many twists! And the cliffhanger at the end....I just...I can't even finish the review for this one. I'll see you guys at volume 5!



  1. The Blood and Snow series is one of my favourite series' of books!!
    New follower from Book Blogs :-)
    Kirsty @ All in One Place

  2. I LOVE fairy tales...but I'm kind of over the whole vampires thing. I may have to overlook that this time, because I'm loving series of short novels right now.

    1. I know! When I first discovered this was another vampire book I about refused it completely, but once I started reading I was hooked!