Friends of the Library BIGGEST Book Sale Event

My favorite time of year has once again stumbled upon us! All these for $6:

Plus an entire stack of old beat up sheet music that smells like grandma's attic. Mmmm. :) 

How do I do it, you may ask? Well, the Greene County library system does their Biggest Book Sale twice a year where people donate a bunch of books and all proceeds go to keep up all the libraries in the county.

My friend Rachel and I go every time and see what treasures we can score. We went a few months ago and got a few books about $1-$4 each (not to mention she got the WOW 1996 CD which was the best Blast-From-The-Past ever, we listened to it the rest of the night!). They announced as we were getting ready to check out that on Sunday, the last day, if you paid $5 you could fill up an entire bag of books from the Better Books section. If you filled up a bag on the Non-Fiction, Older-books section you only had to pay $1!! So, I filled up one from each side and came back this time in the Spring!

They had some amazing resources...nutrition/health, yoga, Christian Fiction, graphic design, writing/editing/publishing, home made stuff, pregnancy books (I thought would be useful some day), and even sheet music! I got some awesome Music Education resources, including the SATB sheet music of some Bill Gaither and incredibly old school Steven Curtis Chapman. And the EXACT SAME World of Music book I used when I was in Elementary School! 

This time around my homegirl Rachel was visiting our hometown and my mother and step-dad were visiting us, so I dragged mother with me and she actually enjoyed it, too. No good history or biography books this time...or really good fiction either...but we scored some great home improvement and landscaping resources!

I also plundered over to the antique book section, but by then usually all the good stuff is gone. However, sitting by its lonesome self on one of the shelves was an unpublished manuscript of "Dana's Valley" by Janette Oke & Laurel Oke Logan. No one had grabbed this yet? I know it's not the most famous book, but I still felt like I had gold in my hands. So I grabbed that, too.

My last pile of loot from the Fall:

After that, I knew this would be a very beautiful relationship between me and the county libraries for a very long time. ;)


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  3. There's nothing quite like getting a whole bunch of books for less! What a great haul! Enjoy :)