Review: Irish Moon by Amber Scott

Title: Irish Moon
Author: Amber Scott
Publisher: Create Space
Publication Date: January 5, 2011
Pages: 342
Genre: Historical Romance
Source: Amazon Kindle Store

Summary (from Goodreads): Druid Magick... Breanne grapples with the old ways, her mentor murdered before she masters her talents. The stranger washed ashore must be the key to proving murder. Knight Errant... Ashlon made a vow to bury the Bloodstone, it's horrific past, it's secrets, in the farthest reaches of Ireland. Fate's Twisted Course... Passion binds them but betrayal will test every belief under an Irish Moon.

  I was excited to read this book on account of feeding my human plight for the fun of it. However, there was so much "fluff" in the book that I kept getting bored or wondering what real turn of events was going to happen. At 70% of the book....nothing of real significance had happened yet. While some parts were over done, I didn't get involved into the characters emotionally hardly at all. The characters failed to hold dynamic.

Also, the writing...dear God, the writing....contains many errors and I found many sentences did not make sense. I don't know if it was the translation from text to kindle, but even some of the character's names were misspelled at least twice (Rhiannon - Rhainnon, Maguire - Maquire).

As for the love scenes...I wish I had known that there would be random graphic love scenes before I bought this book. I guess if I would've taken a really good look at the cover it would have been obvious, but when I got a sample on my kindle there was no indication that this was any more of an innocent "strong willed" girl trying to master her art. But how strong willed can you be when you've never been involved with a man and out of the blue you're like "take my clothes off!" Afterwards, she does not even give it a second thought when it goes against EVERYTHING she's been brought up with. It was disappointing and just didn't fit the context of her social class and upbringing.

Also, WAS there an editor here? I truly cannot tell...

I will, however, give kudos to Miss Scott for having the courage to write in the first place. I only hope that her skill proves to develop.

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