Review: Dreamweave II, Analyzing Psychic Dreams by M. R. Thoreson

Title: Dreamweave II, Analyzing Psychic Dreams
Author: M. R. Thoreson
Publisher: Thor Productions
Publication Date: February 28, 2012
Pages: 279
Genre: Dream Analysis
Source: ARC from Publisher

Summary (from Goodreads): Dreamweave is a manual to help the beginning dream journalist understand his dreams and their content. It has a dream symbol glossary with real dream examples for comparison. Dreamweave has dream examples that are focused on relationships, happy and sad, with explanations as to why the dream occurred. There has never been a dream book before that pinpoints dreaming the future, why it is dreamed, and outcomes.

I received this book off Netgalley and it wasn't quite what I expected. It was more a collaborative analysis of other people's dreams, when I expected it to be more of a "dream dictionary" sort of thing. If I had an interest in other people's dreams and situations, then this would be perfect. However, those are entirely irrelevant to me and I was rather looking to decode what components in my own dreams represent. Interesting, but irrelevant to me at the time.

Edit 12/28/18: I would not normally do this, but I feel any future reviewers that may consider working with Ms. Thoreson should be very cautious. When I reviewed this book, it was one of my very first ones. The name I received was from NetGalley...7 years ago. I have never before spoken to this author, but out of nowhere she has begun posting messages on all of my social media claiming I refused to change her name to her initials, namely on Google, after several attempts of trying to contact me (again, I’ve never spoken to this individual in my life) and that I was doing it for attention. After sending her a few messages back telling her I changed what I could, but I have no control over how Google displays her name from that long ago, instead of contacting me back she decided to start posting similar claims on my website and Google+ account. After continuously harassing me, she threatens to report me to the BBB. DO NOT work with this author! She is petty and will harass you with no intent to resolve issues. 

May all your wildest dreams come true,

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